Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It seems to me that we humans have created a world that is so complex that no one really fully understands it anymore.

The relatively simple matter of JavaScript code is a case in point. I first learned JavaScript in 1995. Soon after came the "Browser Wars": code written for one browser refused to work in another. Developers were forced to write convoluted code to properly capture events and have the correct response. JavaScripting became a chore then a burden and then an impossibility.

JavaScript went to version 1.2 then version 1.3 and then version 1.4.

Now we have "JavaScript Frameworks": code 'libraries' supposedly designed to eliminate "cross Browser" confusion or to "add functionality": MooTools, YUI, Prototype, ExtJS, Dojo and jQuery. Each one has it's own complexity and quirks and/or area of 'expertise'. On top of all that are SOAP, WSDL, JSON, XML and others all adding to the cacaphony, each crying out "Use Me!, Use Me!".

Tonight I have the pleasure of looking at a "coding test" I'm supposed to complete and turn in tomorrow or the next day. I'm supposed to convert a JPG into a slick, code-efficient (in "best coding practices") web page as proof that I no longer have a normal human brain left - that I have been fully assimilated by the Code Borg.

Lord-O-Mighty. I think I'll go wash my head out with SOAP

And then there's that Java thing. Maybe If I just study another thousand pages of manual or so I'll wake up a true Java Guru. On the other hand, maybe my head will just melt.

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