Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Found this cool Conan poster at a yardsale, with art by Cary Nord and signed by the book author, Kurt Busiek. There was no price listed. The woman suggested I make an offer, which I did ($3.00 for one poster), but she said, "For all of them?".

I hesitated so she said, "OK, Sold!".

Thus I became the proud owner of 12 signed Conan posters and 2 unsigned ones. I'll hang one next to my fake Remington, "Night Stagecoach" painting...

In Latin "Co" means "together" or "together with", while in programming NaN means "Not a number" which could be interpreted as "none" or "zero". Thus "Co" + "NaN" could mean "Together with none", literally someone who walks/travels alone. Since Conan is pretty much a loner perhaps that where Howard got the name for his Mighty Conan the Barbarian.

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