Saturday, March 21, 2009

How do you like the world you live in?

How do you like the world you live in?

At every turn there is someone who thinks THEY know better than YOU as to how YOU should live your life. The government believes it is more qualified than YOU as to how YOUR money should be spent. Not only the money you have NOW but also all the money you AND your kids will ever earn, in order to support money business Fat Cats and their self centered life styles on Wall Street.

If you are a young male the government surely believes you are not capable of deciding whether or not you should kill some unfortunate individual in some remote country.

Individual fanatics are certain they are more qualified than YOU as to whether or not you should live at all. There are unfortunately large numbers of religiously brainwashed who would, if possible, burn you at a stake or blow you up because YOU have the impertinence to disagree with them.

Rain forests are being burnt or hacked down at an alarming rate that may possibly render the earth uninhabitable within our lifetimes. Fresh water is increasingly scarce. in many areas available water supplies already taxed to the limits of their ability to supply. Major fisheries have collapsed or are on the verge of collapsing.

Murderous governments and quasi-religious paramilitaries justify rape and murder as legitimate means. Governments practice and defend torture.

Do YOU like the world you live in? Do YOU blast out of your school parking lot at lunch hour and run stop-signs because you gotta have a Big Mac? Are speed limits only suggestions? Do you think "rules" are for dimwits and sissies? Like the idiot that stopped dead on the freeway in front of me in my lane because he was deep into road rage with the guy HE had just cut off. GET A LIFE stupid freeway freak. Do the world a favor: go home, park your car in the garage, shut the garage door, put the hose into your car window and turn on the engine. Do not collect $200, do not pass go.

Have you spent huge sums to get that all important college degree only to discover that the only jobs available pay less than ten dollars an hour? Or that there are no jobs to be had because you are now "over qualified"? The 'haves' will never let the 'have-nots' get an even break. There is no "level playing field". It is all rigged in favor of whoever is currently holding the power, and THEY will never give any away without a bloody struggle.

The "Justice" System is NOT about JUSTICE: it is about what is LEGAL. RIGHT or WRONG is not really a consideration. Ask a Father who devoted his life to his family and to his children only to discover that after his divorce he is now nothing but a number, the numeric amount he must pay as ordered by the court. HE is no longer the "protector of his children" but an enemy viewed with suspicion by schools, an obvious pervert who must be constrained and watched every moment.

Those who have never been subjected to the "Justice" of the Family Law Courts cannot have any idea how perverted the "Justice" there really is.

Do you like the world you live in? Are you so habituated to its madness that you believe that this IS the way it should be? Be like the man that stood in front of the tanks in Tienamen Square, and just say NO.

It's all too troublesome: I'm selling everything now and going surfing for the next year. Just like I did in 1982. See you next year if the world isn't toast.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

After 14 years of beating my head against Java, Perl, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, lingo, MXML, PHP, MySQL, etc etc, I realize that all I ever really wanted to do was draw pictures. "I vanna be ah Drah-er".

I Love computers, I hate them, I Love code, I hate code. Code loves me, it loves me not, I love code, it loves me not. GAK...I ran out of nodes.

The real me: