Monday, November 28, 2011

Finished up the work on the Alta Sierra Property Owners website - built it from scratch - at Finishing up (today hopefully) the tale of The Adventures of Little Munch (at - Glen "Bear" Smith wrote the story and I supplied the images and animations. Took almost five months. Should show up in the Apple App store soon. A true "labor of love" or perhaps blood sweat and tears

Had a family get together on Nov 19th - had all my daughters together for the first time in - ohhhhh - since.....1987? Hard to say - hadn't seen Caroline since 1996 (14 years+-) and Sarah I'd seen once in court in 2004 (didn't talk to me - she was with her mother) - then Sarah and I finally met at my place (with her fiance Jake) about two months ago.

Life DOES get confusing and sometimes just drifts away from you like an unattended untied boat on the tides. It's been a long hard road. Funny thing is how much Caroline resembles her grandfather (whom she never met) in her life passions - travel, Death Valley, Botany etc. Like her old man too.

Daughter Rachel posts on Facebook her morning walks in Santa Cruz - on the very same path along the ocean I walked on in the early 70's. It never occured to me (when I left Santa Cruz in 1982) that I'd never return. Well at least a part of me is there in the form of my eldest. Enjoy the view Rachel and don't stop posting pictures of your morning walks and the sunrises over Steamer Lane - you're keeping me alive ;0)

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